R&D Center

Hanmac Total Systems is committed to continuous product research and development to become a global company. In addition, we are striving to realize customer satisfaction with an optimally designed development environment and production facility, as well as a systematic quality management system.
  • Cutting edge safety design system
    Hanmac Total Systems has received quality management certification for all lines from raw material purchase, design development, design, and production. We are building an exceptionally reliable design system through 3D CAD and precise simulation.
  • Customized development system
    Hanmac Total System is operating a customized development system based on the know-how accumulated for over 20 years. To produce medical device cases and parts, we have built a system that manages the entire process through the design and programming of professional personnel. We design and produce products that satisfy our customers through the system.
  • Quality management assurance system
    We operate a series of processes such as product development, manufacturing, inspection, delivery, A/S process and final sales stage as a unified and integrated system in order to secure a thorough quality management system for customer satisfaction In addition, we are recognized as an excellent quality assurance company from home and abroad by obtaining ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification.
Certification Status
ISO 14001
ISO 9001
Quality management policy
Environmantal Policy
Registration Status of Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights
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